Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

For the beginners Let's start!! Online Printing!!

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What is Online printing

"Online printing" is a printing service that we accept your print order
and design data through the internet and deliver to you.

Order flow

  1. 1 Place your orderon internet!
    You can order anytime and anywhere such as home and office, through the internet.
  2. 2 Design and entry your data!
    Enter your design data through online.
    We accept the latest Adobe DTP software.
  3. 3 Quality prints!
    We print your products in Offset printing with good quality. A large number order is ok!
  4. 4 Deliver to your home Your office!
    A delivery company delivers your order at home, your office.
One of the largest online printing companies in Japan!
"Online printing GRAPHIC" is known as convenient printing service like online shopping among companies, individuals and creators. We are also attracted widespread popularity as one of the leaders in the online printing industry.
Free delivery charges!
We send your order anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa by free (Only an order which over 1,000yen as total print price in one cart.) We can deliver your order cheaply and fast.
GRAPHIC got 96% of satisfied and very satisfied reputation from user on our questionnaires. As of April 2019, over 700,000 customers are registered in GRAPHIC Japanese service and using our printing service.

Many advantages!Many benefits in using GRAPHIC!

  1. 1.Get the gift points now! Total 1,000 points gift for the new registered members!
    You can get 500pts worth 500yen after you create an account. There is a chance to get additional 500pts if you answer the questionnaire after your first order shipped out.
  2. 2 More using,
more advantages! Placing many ordersand your GRAPHIC member's rank is upgraded!
    (1point=1yen) If you use our service frequently, member’s rank is upgraded and the point back rate goes up.
  3. 3 Use conveniently!Manage your orderwith “My Page.”GRAPHIC offer youthe conveniently function, “My Page.”
    You can see all of your information on GRAPHIC "My Page" including your job status, records. Entry your print data, contact us, estimate by yourself, download the documents, manage all in your "My Page"!

Reliable service!Why GRAPHIC

  • Graphic vision
    We print the halftone dots hardly visible with 280lpi and provide you high-definition printing as Graphic vision. It's advanced printing technology than GRAPHIC standard screen ruling, 210lpi.
  • Amazing low price setting
    We provide the products through integrated production including accepting order, printing, finishing and dispatching. We can offer you quality prints with good price by digitizing and streamlining our production process.
  • Meets 1 day turnaround
    (next day shipping)
    for your rush job!
    We accept 1 day turnaround course (The products are limited.) Enter the print ready data before 24:00 and the shipping in the next day is available. If you have time until your due date, the long turnaround types will help you to save money.
  • Japan color quality
    We always work on producing the stable prints falls within "JapanColor" standard range with the latest digital color management system.
  • Selectable payment method
    We accept the payment by COD, Credit cards, Bank transfer, Pay in person (Pick up only). Select the method at your convenience.
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