Online Printing 【GRAPHIC】

Important! After Your Printed Products Are Delivered

Check product inside as soon as you receive your product, and if you have any questions, let us know. Tell us your order No. or tracking No. at that time.

Your data is kept for a week after shipping out
Used print data is kept for ONE week after shipping out then it is deleted all.
Used print plate is never kept, is scrapped immediately. When you would like a reprinting, contact us about the data existence at first. What is more when you give a new order as a reprinting, write down “I would like to reuse data of 00000000_001” on the column as an example. In case we no longer have a data, you give a new order then make a data entry. If we reprint for inferior goods by our mistakes, same as the above that we can reprint as soon as possible due to data is existed in a week after shipping out, but we may not accept your reprinting request when it pasts more than ONE week. Check your product carefully when it arrived.
Delivered product
We provide the products at production on order. Please refrain from making inquiry of returns and replacement for customer's reasons.
We try to make absolutely sure on quality control. However, if the product seems defective, you can request for the replacement within one week since product's arrival.
We would ask you to send the product back to us when it is necessary for the investigation of the quality. We'll cover the shipping expense for the return.
If the product is proven to be a defective product, we will replace it.
We are sorry, but the return or replacement cannot be accepted if the product has been used even partly or the quality can be judged within a permissible range based on our standard.
If the product is damaged during delivery, please keep the product with the box and contact us.
If the replacement cannot be accepted because the replaced products will not be in time for customer’s deadline and so on, we will refund the goods cost but we never guarantee beyond the price of the product. Please be forewarned.
Printing colors are changed due to the effect of many factors.
For that reason, we reference “Japan Color 2007” for our color standard and “the color difference within ΔE = 5” as the color tolerance.
(ΔE(Delta E) = 5: the certificate standards for Japan Color)
Media returning
We return all your media for a data entry with CD or MO from you. It is returned at the same day as the shipping out by free post. We return you a copy of scanning, but it is not shipped out with putting product into the same package together. We appreciate your understanding.