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Order Start Date

All data submitted from you is checked by our technical support staff. When we have confirmed that your data has no problems for printing, the day when we receive your print-ready data will be defined as the "order start date." However, if we find any problems in your data that affect printing, our staff will stop job processing, and inform you of the problem(s) and how to correct the data. You must then correct the data by yourself and re-submit the new data for acceptance. If the corrected data is submitted the next day and accepted for printing, the order start date will be the day of the final data submission.
Before submitting your data, please make sure that your data is ready to print.

When is your order confirmed?

Order Total Order Start Date
300,000 yen or less Day that your print-ready data is received
More than 300,000 yen

※Cash on delivery is unavailable.

Day when both submission of print-ready data and payment are completed
Notes for using our services
Please make sure that the data matches the essential check points and that the contents of the data are accurate. If the data has any problems, you must correct the data and re-submit the new data.
If the corrected data is submitted the next day or later, the order start date and the scheduled shipping date will also be delayed. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • ※If your order exceeds 300,000 yen, both submission of the print-ready data and our payment confirmation are necessary. If you have decided on the printing specifications before finishing your design, please place your order and clear payment at first. In this case, all you have to do is to wait for the data check to be completed after data submission. This way make it smoother to fix the order start date. We recommend adopting this procedure to facilitate job processing.

Example Job Flow from Data Submission to Order Shipment (2-day Turnaround)

Job flow from Data entry to order shipment

If it is not a big problem, we can proceed with printing your order without the data as it is but ONLY with your permission. In this case, however, we cannot guarantee print quality.