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Download Free templates for making data preparation easier

  • Use the template according to your order.
    Erase unnecessary objects on the template.
    Our templates are made in millimeters.
    Please note that the products might not be made properly if you
    change the size or the width of each panel.
Select the download button for your OS
Mac OS9

Template files are all made with Adobe Illustrator. For Mac OS 9.x, they are compressed as Sit files, and, for Windows/Mac OS X (Mac OS X version 10.2 or later), they are compressed as zip files.

Templates for Offset Printing

Cards Templates for business cards, postcards, stamp cards and members' cards
Address side of postcards Templates for the address side of postcards
Designs for address side of postcards Designs for the address side of postcards
Address side of large-sized postcards Templates for the address side of large-sized postcards
A-size flyers or posters A7 to A3 templates (when unfolded)
B-size flyers or posters B8 to B4 (when unfolded)
Booklets CD Jacket size to A4 size templates
(Standard size ONLY)

Templates for Ondemand Printing

Inkjet Posters Templates for Inkjet Posters (Water Pigment)s
iPhone Cases Templates for iPhone Cases
Envelopes (POD) Templates for Envelopes (POD)

Pictures in the color chart booklet

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