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How to Submit Your Data by Post (CD-R, DVD, MO, etc.)

  1. 1. Check which media are supported by the GRAPHIC online printing website.
  2. 2. Copy only the necessary data for printing to the media.
  3. 3. Write down the order No. on the media label. Notes or a printout of the Initial Order Placed e-mail also are acceptable.

    *Post the media to us together with a final print sample such as a printout from your printer.
  4. 4. Write down "Operating environment," "Order No." and "Orderer's name" on the package or invoice.
  5. 5. When you have finished preparing the package, post it to the address below.

Supported Media



GRAPHIC Corporation
33 Shimotoba-higashi-serikawa-cho
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
JAPAN 612-8395

Headquarters of Online Printing Support Center PIC

*To avoid possible trouble, we will send your media back to you by separate post from your product. We appreciate your understanding.

Pay Attention to the Following

  • ・We cannot accept any responsibility for losing copies during delivery.
  • ・Members who submit data by post must write down "Order No.", "Orderer's name," "Windows data or Macintosh data," and then send the media to us. If you do not write this information down, we cannot begin processing submitted data until we can recognize who placed the order.
  • ・Members who have difficulty with submitting data online, due to problems such as file size or transmission speed, should change to submitting data by post.
  • Description for submitting data by post.