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Information and Notices Required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

GRAPHIC clearly states the following information and notices as required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

1. Company Name

GRAPHIC Corporation

2. Head of Operations

President, Yoshio Nishino

3. Location / Inquiry
33 Shimotoba-higashi-serikawa-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, JAPAN 612-8395
TEL: 050-2018-0133 / FAX: 075-366-5295
ENGLISH service
Business day: Monday - Saturday
(The end and the beginning of a year, Sundays and National holidays are out of service.)
Business hour: 8:30-19:00
Inquiry Form
If you have any inquiries, contact us from here. (JAPANESE)
If you have any questions, contact us from here. (ENGLISH)
4. Mail Address
5. Price
Set for each product.
Click here for the detailed product information and price.
6. Charges Other than Product Price
Shipment charge: 500 yen
*Free domestic delivery for one address when the product price is over 1,000 yen.
Payment charge: Click here.
7. How to Place Orders

We accept orders only from the GRAPHIC online printing services website.

8. Term of Validity of Orders

The contract for an order officially begins once the order is placed and the acceptance date is fixed with no problems in the data submitted by the customer.
The contract for the order will be voided if the customer does not submit the data within one week of placing the order.

9. Terms of Payment

Payment is by cash on delivery, bank transfer or credit card. With cash on delivery, the customer must pay the delivery driver upon receipt of the printed product. In the case of payment by bank transfer and credit card, payment is required in advance. The customer's printed product will be shipped after confirmation of payment to GRAPHIC.

10. Delivery Time

Depending on the selected turnaround.
Click here for the detailed turnaround information.

11. Cancellation of Orders

For details, click here.

12. Claims and Returns

Please refrain from sending products back and asking for replacement due to your convenience.
We make every effort to ensure the quality of our printing services. However, if you consider the product to be defective, you can ask for a replacement within one week of delivery of your product.
If we have to check the quality of the product, we might ask you to send the printed product back to us. We will cover the cost of returning the product.
We will replace products if they are proven to be defective by us.
We cannot accept returns or replacements if the printed product has been used even partially or the quality of the product is judged to be within an allowable limit based on GRAPHIC internal printing standards.
If the printed product is damaged during delivery, please keep the product together with its shipping box and packaging, and contact us.
If replacement cannot be accepted because the replaced products will not arrive in time for the customer's deadline or for other reasons, we will refund the cost of the goods. However, we cannot make any guarantees beyond the price of the product.

13. Japanese Version to Govern

The original version of this Information and Notices Required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions was prepared in Japanese. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Japanese version, the Japanese version will govern.

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