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Benefits of Printing at GRAPHIC

You can get points, change your account information and re-confirm your order information easily in the members' only page “My Page”.

1,000 Free Points

Get Your 1,000 pts NOW!!

You can get 1,000pts worth 1,000yen as soon as you create an account.


My page

Highly Functional My Page

Here's a quick list of the many features available in My Page:

  • ●Quick estimates
  • ●Review past orders
  • ●Easy ordering
  • ●Monitor order progression
  • ●Check messages from us


Other Benefits and Services

Delivery to Multiple Addresses
You can specify two or more delivery addresses and the amount to deliver to each address.
Free Sample Prints*
We will send you some sample prints by regular post office mail for free in the case of “proxy delivery.” Please contact us if you need these free sample prints if the delivery is not “proxy delivery” but to another person you specify.


※“Sample prints” mean surplus prints that are printed during offset printing. These prints meet regular printing standards.

They are sent by regular post office mail, and may take a few days to arrive. If you need them sent by a courier to get them as quickly as the product, this will cost you an extra 1,500 yen as the shipping charge. If you need them delivered by a courier, please contact us.